About Us

Moglie Scelta Elettro Limited

Over the years, the task of house & kitchen administration and maintenance has evolved into the singular profession of property management.

What initially began as a relatively unsynchronized activities between different heads supervising housekeeping maintenance, kitchen utilities, lifestyle and hospitality eventually produced a situation that requires the adoption of a unified and coordinated application of expertise and experience of various individuals.

By its very nature, scope and dynamism, this undertaking necessitates the collective talents of a group of professionals, manufacturers, CFA, Distributors, retailers, who serves as the support and research & development personnel who delivers and executes the multi-faceted requirements of home appliances. Such support must be readily accessible and totally reliable to ensure smooth and profitable operations of the company.

The types of appliances may include electrical & electronic appliances, office and industrial, security system, communication gadgets, computers, lighting equipment, solar product, electrical accessories & other life style products etc. We are Constantly trying to discover the significance of consumer durable & appliances demand. Seek further understandings from professionals and its channel partners to improve its quality for optimum use by household lady.

Keeping this in mind that “M” plays a most important role we have decided to launch a brand name to be started with “M” character. And on “MAHILA DIVAS” finally we got registered a company name “MOGLIE SCELTA ELETTRO LIMITED”.

Here Moglie is meant for WIFE in Italian Language, Scelta represents CHOICE and Elettro is indicating to DOMESTIC APPLIANCES. In totality Moglie Scelta Elettro Limited is meant for Domestic Appliance of Wife’s Choice.